What a brilliant way to use Baby wipes.

Well today was just an ordinary day.  I woke up and went into the kitchen to get myself a drink. I went into the kitchen and noticed that my clothes were still in the washing machine, from  last night. Oh no! I have to wash them all again to get rid of the smell.  Feeling most frustrated I went to open the door of the washing machine they didn’t smell too bad.  As I was about to restart the washing machine I noticed a packet of baby wipes.  Crazy as it seems something said why not put them in the dryer with the clothes.  I immediately thought of “bounce” the little paper thingy you put in the tumble dryer to soften and make the clothes smell nice. imageI took about four wet wipes out the packet and threw them into the dryer, then I  added the wet clothes.  When the clothes had finish drying I took them out.  I was so surprised the clothes were soft and smelt nice. The baby wipes acted the same way as bounce.  The things the manufacturers will do for money hey! I passed the info on to my friends and our baby wipes double up as clothes softener  now how brilliant is that.  image

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