Tomorrow, Tomorrow

………Oh dear oh dear what can the matter be. My blog is stuck in a mystery. I can’t think of what to write today.  Actually I can think of what to write I am just being lazy. Many thoughts going through my mind.  Well I woke up at 8am, that’s late for me.  I couldn’t decide what to eat, what to wear, or even what to do.  The weather looks cold and dismal. The sky is grey and that certainly doesn’t help with my mood at all.  I am thinking of Jamaica, as even on a rainy cloudy day it’s still warm and you don’t mind being outside, sitting on the beach looking out at the sea, palm trees billowing in the wind. Instead I’m here thinking of life, in general all the friends of the past the things I used to do. The regrets it goes on and on.

Tomorrow tomorrow I love you tomorrow you are always a day a way….see you tomorrow.

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