My dog. Myoonie


AAAH. Fond memories indeed.  I remember my dog myoonie (my honey).  I was given him when I was born.  That was the tradition where I was born, so you can imagine all the little puppies running around with the children.  The idea is to grow with the puppy and it will become the child’s protector.  Sadly my dog  was stolen before I left Jamaica for UK and I never saw him again.  😦

Me and my dog went everywhere together, we would roll in the grass, he was my best Freind, can you imagine a little girl with her puppy running and playing all carefree.

I recall me and myoonie would lay on our backs and look at the stars, well I looked at the stars and he just rolled around on the grass.  I realize only recently he was a mongrel.   The funniest thing I recall was when they was building a dam. To let water through, well me and myoonie was playing in the mango trees with other children from the yard, and we went to play in the dam not knowing it was going to be open that day.

Guess what my dog with his sensitive ears heard the siren and I don’t understand till this very day but my dog pulled me all the way out just before the water came.  My dog saved my life.

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