Pre-school in Jamaica


My first schooling was in Jamaica,  I had loads of friends but  most of the time I was home educated



My father didn’t teach me the traditional way, he taught me first how to sew, he was a experience tailor, he taught me to cook, to sell in the shop, to count.  I was always a keen learner, and I craved education.  My grandmother also taught me how to wash my hand and how to make the scrip scrip sound with your hand.  I would watch her all the time until I mastered the art of hand washing.

Home education  was the norm back then, and children could be children for a long time. I was shown how to weigh the flour and sugar, I was taught how to make the chocolate into balls to make tea.  I was taught to be seen and not heard.  By the time I was six years old there was no words in the dictionary that I could not read or spell.  However, it carried no significance to me back home in Jamaica, because most of the children could do the same.  I can still remember the first time I went to school it was fun to meet others but I was bored and I hated when my father left me to go home.

The education I received kept me in good stead as when I arrived in Britain I was teaching other children to read. this was because the head teacher mr Bothcherby.. (Evil evil man).  Well, he had no interest in stretching me.  So sadly life went downhill… But we will get to why later..  🙂



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