Brief moments of happiness

Sunday school became a regular occurrence, I looked forward to meeting the other children. However, not all of them were pleasant, they would tease me and the clothes I wore, they would tease me about everything.  They mainly mimic the way I spoke, as I had the strong Jamaican accent.  I spoke mainly ‘Jamaican patois, a form of broken English.

The other children would bully me and get me into trouble.  There was a man called elder Barnes, all the children were afraid of him but for me he had permission to hit me if I misbehave.  This was the password he needed as it seems he would show his authority whenever he could. He made me a nervous wreck.  I was told by the lady they called my mother that he was my godfather. I really do not know how that occurred as I had only just met the man at church.   I recall he was just as cold as her.  He would shout at me and humiliate me in church for no apparent reason.  One day one of the children were talking beside me in church, and he marched over to me and yanked me out of the chair.  Oh how all the children laughed. I did not open my mouth but what could I do.  I was alone in England.  I was labelled as “bad Pickney” therefore abuse was my portion and my punishments were great.  smack me for any reason and because I was labelled as ‘bad’ for no apparent reasons.  Thinking about this whilst writing conjures up many images and today my eyes still fill with tears. I vowed that when I became an adult I would get even with Elder  Barnes. At the age of 25 I found out where he lived , but he died before I got a chance to ask him one word “why?

I was bullied for a while by the church children but as the punishment became  worse in church some of the children who saw the injustice started to take pity.  I became friends with one of the church children  whom was of the church sisters and we use to go to her house on Sundays, I use to tell her about my home life and I think she told her mother.  Her mother ,sister Brown, was a chubby woman with kind eyes and she treated me well, I wanted to be with her all the time. Occasionally I was left there and  she would babysit me.

Happy times were running in and out of the cabbage patch owned by her husband Mr Brown, I was afraid of Mr Brown because of how he looked at me.  Whenever he saw me he would hold his front. He would then stick his tongue out and lick his lips at the same time.

I made sure I was never ever alone with him.

I enjoyed playing in the neighborhood with the children on the street. I think they started to like me and the boys thought I was fun because I could do all they could do.  I wasn’t the typical girl, this was mainly because of the tough type of upbringing I had in Jamaica. I mean, walking barefoot and doing things the children in UK, had never dreamed of doing.  I could play marbles, climb trees,  build a catapult.  I  also taught some of the boys to play GIG.   which was a game I liked as simple as it was.


The. idea of this was to carve out a piece of wood like the one in the picture, then use a long piece of cord and wound it around from the bottom to the top until there was no cord left. Then you threw it on the ground while you slightly pulled on the cord, the one whose gig spun the longest was the winner.

These were happy times as I was able to be a child for a while.  I had to read the bible everyday and although I didn’t like doing this, I was doing it with two other children so it became fun.  As we would try to find the shortest bible verse to read.

I guess I learnt a lot of bible scriptures during that time.



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8 Responses to Brief moments of happiness

  1. Riruro says:

    At last I was able to read and smile for just a short while 🙂


  2. osarobohenry says:

    Thank you so very much for the follow. May the peace of the Lord rest upon you and yours in the name of Jesus Christ.


  3. Beverley says:

    Hi Terri, thank you so much, I have not been back to Jamaica since the last 18years, but I will explain why soon. Yes there has been some good memories god is working wonders, I think he always was, but I couldn’t see it. It’s funny but reading your blog it’s like I already know you. Thank you for the comments. I’m really glad I found your blog it has given me so much hope. You will know why eventually. I currently still live in the Uk.


  4. T says:

    Now that I have read the rest of your blog I realize that you do not live in Jamaica. Your story is amazing and you are an awesome writer! I am looking forward to reading the rest of your story.


  5. T says:

    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog, your blog is really really good, and I can not wait to read more. Do you still live in Jamaica? I go to Jamaica about once a year, and have fallen in love with Jamaica its people and its beauty. I am so sorry to read these sad things that happened to you but I love the way that you look to the good memories I am looking forward to reading more. God bless you.


    • T says:

      Well now I have read your whole blog from start to this last post and I realize you do not still live in Jamaica. when I wrote my first comment I had not read all of your posts yet. your story so far is very very interesting and you are an awesome writer. I am looking forward to hearing the rest of your story.


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