The cabbage patch,

Spiders.  Even typing the word conjures up many images.

Symptoms of arachnophobia

In the event of coming into contact with or seeing a spider, someone with arachnophobia will feel extreme anxiety, they may have to flee the situation.

Symptoms of panic and anxiety, such as rapid heart rate, shaking limbs, nausea, shortness of breath and lightheadedness are common when experiencing a phobic reation. This is the body preparing to ‘fight or flee’, and can be very distressing for sufferers.

One day age nine I was sent to stay with my mummy’s church sister, sister B, remember her, .  Her daughter and some of the children from the neighborhood were playing in the cabbage patch.  This was her fathers praised possession, but as children do, they take risks.  I didn’t like coming to the house, in any case because I was afraid of her father.  He seemed like a kind man to his daughter, but for me.  Well he made me nervous.

This day in question, having been outside for a while.  I had the need to use the toilet.   I went back inside the house to use the toilet, I was unaware he was back home as he was not there when I arrived.   This was three bedroom house with a combined toilet and bathroom.  I knocked as I was always taught to do by mummy, and pushed the door it wasn’t locked.  Suddenly, as I pushed open the door  I saw him, but before I could escape he grabbed my hand and allowed his towel to fall.  There it was, he was naked, “it’s my caterpillar” he said.  I knew what it was, and tried to come out the door.  “No please” I then snatched my hand and ran back out into the garden. I didn’t want to pee anymore..

Another secret, for me to keep.  I guess her father was not impressed as few moments later, he shouted a warning for everyone to get out his  garden, and come inside.  He shouted that anyone that was caught in the garden was in deep trouble.

I recall, I didn’t want it to be me, as he had shown me in the bathroom that my getting trouble would be different to everyone else. As soon as the children heard his voice coming, everyone jumped, I was accidently pushed. I landed on top of the cabbage. I was scared to say the least for two reasons.

1) I was going to get caught by her father.

2) The creepy crawly right there in front of me.

I screamed and got up and ran because right there on the cabbage, right  infront of me was a large web, and inside the web  right there was a thing, it was black and hairy. Yeeeewh!  It was a few centimeters from my face.

I found out later it was a called spider, I had never ever seen such a thing; that day coupled with the incident with her father.  My Fear of spiders was to become a permanent phobia in my life.

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