The visit.


imageI had forgotten about social services, coming to visit until one day I was called into the head teacher office again.  There standing was a man, I was told he wanted to speak to me. I was apprehensive at first. I didn’t want to be in the same room as a man, suppose he wanted to see the marks. suppose he wanted something else?

Well I didn’t have to worry. Richard W.(real name) was kind.  I found myself telling him about the abuse, I told him about not getting food, about church, about the locked cupboard and about the beatings. It felt good to tell someone.  He was very concerned, said he would be contacting my mummy and telling her he would visit the following day.

I wished he would come the same day, because I had to go home, that night I slept with one eye opened.

The next day as promised Richard came to the house. It was strange having some one in my house because of me. Richard and my mum they both sat down. My mum offered him a cup of tea, she always put vanilla essence in her tea. She handed it to him on a tray.  My mum always worshiped the English people. She had been indoctrinated to treat the English people with utmost respect.  They both sat and talked.  I went into the kitchen, wow! I had freedom.  I went to the cupboard, I would have evidence to show Richard of the locked cupboard.

To my surprise it was opened, my mummy had removed the padlock from the cupboard, and there in it’s place was three tiny holes, evidence of where the padlock had been. I was disappointed as it would appear I was lying.  I thought, well I may as well eat like there was no tomorrow.  It felt good to eat, it felt good that she couldn’t do anything.

At one point Richard turned around and smiled as if to say ” I believe you”

Eventually Richard got up, he said he needed to see the kitchen cupboard,  she told him it was ok.  I stayed in the kitchen and I showed Richard the three holes to indicate where the padlock was.  Richard  looked and nodded. I don’t know what he thought, but the cupboard was full of food. Richard told my mummy not to lock the cupboards. She never did, but instead she wouldn’t buy food.  After all, one couldn’t prove that could they.

Richard  continued as my social worker for a few months. He was great, my mummy liked him because he kept her sweet, while  helping me at the same time. I’m sure we both thought he was on each other’s side, but we would never know.

The beatings did not stop, but they became less severe.  But I knew that no one else could ever find out again. The looks she gave me reminded me that i had to be a lot more careful.

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  1. Riruro says:

    Please… something.. anything to make me like this mother…. Anything!!?? urrrrrrggggrrrrrhhhhh

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