Little Girl Lost

I had to reblog this poem it’s amazing, and it’s written by Terri Siebert, check out her blog it’s awesome. A story by me, she totally summed me up in this poem.  

A Story By Me

Today I cried for the little girl who was lost.

The little girl who needed a safe place but could never seem to find one.

The little girl who was afraid to go to school because of bullies.

The little girl nobody wanted on their team because she was clumsy and slow.

I cried for the little girl that no one wanted to sit by on the school bus.

I cried for the little girl that had stuff thrown at her while everyone laughed.

I cried for the girl who had the freckle face and big feet.

I cried for the little girl who dressed differently and was laughed at.

Today I cried for the little girl who never had a place to hide.

I cried for the little girl who never cried, because she held it inside.

I cried for the little girl who did not want to cause problems…

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4 Responses to Little Girl Lost

  1. T says:

    Beverly you are to kind, I never really thought about doing something like that and don’t even have any idea how to do that sort of thing. I just always have put my thoughts on paper and the blog is just when God prompts me to post them I guess if he prompts me to publish them and the door opens I will cross that road when I get there 🙂 Thank you for sharing this on facebook too. By the way, I think maybe you haven’t approved the comments on your blog because I can see your replies in my own private area but not what I commented so I hope you can see this . Have a blessed day!


  2. T says:

    Thank you so much for reblogging my poem. In revisiting this poem i realized how far I have came. God is so good and he will never ever let us down. I hope you have found his peace too. God’s blessings to you Beverly.


    • Beverley says:

      I really like that poem, in fact I like all the ones I’ve read so far. I know I’ve mention it before but you are a natural writer, your thoughts are so unique. I’m surprised you don’t realise your worth based on what you wrote about your blog. I’ve put your poem on facebook curtesy of you of course. Hope you don’t mind. I really believe you should attempt to publish your poems Terri. Think about it.


      • T says:

        Thank you, I just wrote it one day and posted it never really thought about publishing it and besides I do not have a clue how to go about doing that sort of thing, I just publish here when I feel like God wants me to 🙂 . thank you so much for sharing my poem on facebook and your blog and as always you encouragement.


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