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I don’t want to….

Well, I think God had plans for me, from a long time ago because ironically, the night I went in to labour was the weekend, I had my girls staying over. I recall me an D, was having another heated conversation, when … Continue reading

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WordPress not approving comments

So sorry.. I can see all your comments and I have replied to all, I really do appreciate all the likes, and comments received, but so far, I am unable to respond. This is quite annoying that this bug on … Continue reading

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A change of direction

I was shocked to find….. One week after meeting Jill, I discovered I was expecting my fourth child, this was mixed emotions, I was thinking ahead, I thought if I didn’t get my girls back, then my daughter would have … Continue reading

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The solicitor

After digesting the report I knew, it was time to change solicitors, the case has been going on for  a long time. It was a complete waste of tax payers money. The solicitors were being paid for nothing, the longest … Continue reading

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This has got to be a nightmare!

I woke up the next day with a raging headache,  all I could think of was the officers last words. Could things get any worse., they were going to search for E.r.i.c!.  My goodness it had been a long time … Continue reading

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When time stand still

    Although, it seemed like time had stood still, giving up was never an option.  It seemed  as if  life was moving for everyone else around me. I watched as people I knew had children, and watched their milestones … Continue reading

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