Where were we, we was at the part where Eric turned up unexpectedly. Right!

After Eric passed by, that day, it became an obsession to leave my home I couldn’t think of what to do.  I told D I wanted to leave but he wouldn’t listen. I had started to become very tearful through the day as it appeared all I ever did was wash, cook, clean and provided sexual pleasure. To say I was unhappy was an understatement.

One evening we came home from visiting his family to find that our home had been burgled and practically everything we had was gone.  We didn’t really had much anyway but what we did have was gone.

This included Ds stereo equipment and the majority of his records.  I had a feeling who did this, in fact I was certain, especially as the items that were taken had the mark of revenge on them.  This burglary  reinforce my need to move.  The  police were called but nothing was done.

For some reason D didn’t mind at this time. It seemed he didn’t like the area.   I was becoming much more independent , although I still didn’t have anyone, my vocabulary I had learnt over the years had put me in good stead.  I approached the council and told them we had been burgled, I told them who it was as I was sure. They said I came under a management transfer. Which meant I had preferential status to get another property.  They also saw my bruises and I knew that helped.

Well in those days things were easier, I waited for an offer from the council.

I would be wrong to say that life was all bad, with D, apart from the beatings,  and they were mainly when he got drunk, of course that was regular! but I grew stronger everyday and I was able to take the beatings, I was 18 years old and it had now been 11 years of abuse.  From everyone I had met in England but it was a way of life. I was  now an expert.

The intrusion in our lives set the scene for the downward spiral on my journey.


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