Adults can be stupid.


Today was a normal day, I was sitting in my room as usual, when mummy called me into the kitchen.  She never actually called me, she always bellowed.  I would immediately know I was in trouble again.

“Why have you stuffed something down the sink and blocked it ” she said.image

I didn’t have a clue what she was talking about, I would never ever have put myself in a situation to get beaten.  I was afraid of her, I certainly wasn’t crazy.  I was beaten that day for lying, and no matter what I said it made no difference.

For most of the day she complained and complained, she cursed me, she shouted at me, she beat me.  Yet, I had done nothing wrong, just like the soap in the previous post.

Remember I said I was a quiet child, well I had no choice, there was no one to speak to.  If I did talk in the house she would think I was mad.  I lived most of my life as a prisoner.  No form of communication, unless it was to follow instructions.  I didn’t go anywhere unless I was told to. So how could it be that I blocked her kitchen sink?

later that evening her church brother came to the home,  mummy had asked him to help to unblock the sink.  I  was summoned to the kitchen, to observe my “badness”, I stood in the kitchen waiting for him to prove that I didn’t do anything to block the sink. Mummy stood there too.  I felt like I was on trial.

“why did you block the sink” he said.

“I didn’t sir’ I said.

“Wey u say”. Mummy said.  (Jamaican patois)

“Nothing, I’m sorry”

The gentleman sat on the floor, he was there for a while, he tugged and pulled.  Then I watched until some water drained on the floor, as he unblocked the sink.  Then he took out a round white ball type looking thing. He turned around and said.  “Why you stuffed potatoe down the sink”,  holding the object in his hand.  “You must stop give your mother trouble”.  I dared not proclaim my innocence.

imageI was shocked, I couldn’t believe he was blaming me too. Further, he was showing mummy the evidence.  “It didn’t even look like a potato ”  I thought.  If only he realised what he had done.  I felt like he was trying to get me into trouble.  My mummy looked at me, and shook her head. I left the room quickly and awaited my fate… That man never knew what sentence he had given me.

later still,  that  same evening when the church  brother was gone. I was summoned back to the kitchen.  There in mummy’s hand, was a shiny object.  I recognised this, she always used it to chop meat.  I stood rigid to the spot.  Then mummy grabbed me by the throat, well she was holding my collar tightly around my neck.

“you dare to lie yo me” , she said.

I couldn’t say anything as the evidence was on the table.  That strange looking “potato” .

Fear was the word as mummy continued to shout at me, asking me repeatedly, why I  put the potato in the sink.  “Sorry mummy, sorry mummy, soree mumeeee” that’s all I could say.   I wasn’t bothered about the shouting, neither was I bothered about the occasional knuckles in my head.  I was also not bothered about the hand holding my clothes so tight that her knuckles were dragging into my throat. My gaze was fixed on the shiny object in her hand. It was very close to me.  Mummy then said.

I can see the blood chilling”. She then flung the cleaver,  well she aimed high and came down briskly.  I felt the breeze past my ear. “Whoosh!  I screamed as I felt that pain, mummy  walked out the kitchen. She didn’t look back.image

I turned my head slowly assuming I was bleeding, but the meat cleaver was still in the door.

I gently prized it from door and put it down on the floor.

“Mummy wants me dead”. I thought….

I went back to bed, and as usual I cried.  I hardly slept that night. I started thinking maybe I did put the potato down the sink hole.  “But how” and “when”.   I thought about the days  events until my brain was heavy and I fell asleep.

I recall I woke up that night to use the toilet.  Still thinking about the days events.

Then it came to me.

The sink had tiny grids.  Nothing could go through it, so how was it possible for a potato  to go down the hole. And come out the other end still round.

image“It wasn’t a potato” I thought.  It was FAT…

imagemummy had been throwing hot oil down the sink and it must have hardened, with the cold water.  that was and could be the only explanation. I had been beaten once again for no reason.  I was 12 years old, and learning to think logically by myself.

I smiled to myself….

“Adults are so stupid”  I thought.

Years later I had the strength to tell mummy she was wrong.  Will discuss this later.








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7 Responses to Adults can be stupid.

  1. Beverley says:

    Really, thank you, I will check it out. My posts have been written over the years, before it knew blogging existed, currently I’m just editing them, yes you guessed, I love reading and writing from childhood. That’s all I could do at the time. A blessing in the end 🙂


  2. Andy Oldham says:

    Sometimes we adults are sooo stupid. You are a blessed child of God!


  3. murrsma says:

    My heart breaks for all you once suffered and pray Dear that your days moving forward be love filled, kind and peaceful. Your inner strength shines…


  4. T says:

    This frightened me, even though I know you are alive now I found myself worrying she was going to kill you. I am so glad she didn’t. I just never will understand how someone could hurt a child like this.


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