The stranger

I walked down the alley and then he spoke..  The stranger…

“Can’t you  share your drink with a thirsty man”, he said.

I turned around, there behind me was a man, usually I would run away, but something told me not to.

Of course you can, I said, but hold on I have another can.

I went in my bag and took out another can of coke, and handed it to him.

“You are so kind”, but I’m only joking. He said to me.

“Its ok, you can have it”, I insisted, handing him the can of coke.  That’s me I would give anyone my last.

We smiled with one another and carried on walking side by side.

“You seem like a really nice girl”,  and went on, “I noticed when you started working here”, He told me that he  always tried to catch me every evening but I  always ran away straight after work. Today he had left earlier.

I was nervous, but the clothes I was wearing gave me new confidence. What was particular nice about this guy was his accent he had a  strong Barbadian accent. (Singer Rhianna comes to mind) , I had come into contact with a man.  A “nice” man.  But I was naturally wary.  I enjoyed the attention. Until..

He offered to walk me home, that’s when nerves took over.  “That’s ok”, I replied.  I could feel my step quickening down the alley, as if I suddenly remembered he was a man, and men were dangerous to me.

” Girl, why you warrkin soo farstt. “. He said.

The Barbadian twang had got me.  I slowed down.

He carried on talking, I cannot remember the rest at this stage, but I do know he made me laugh.  He insisted that he would walk with me.  We exchanged name, he said his name was  P…) and he wouldn’t take no for an answer.

“I can’t let a nice girl like you walk alone”.  He insisted. I agreed for him to walk me to the bus top.  But, that was it, no further.  I was nervous that day, as I imagined the scene if D had turned up.

He waited until the bus came, and I got on the bus

All the way home, I was confused as to what had just happened.  However, deep down, I was impressed. I thought about P, all night. But, I also decided that  I would leave the job, I couldn’t work there with this man after all.  Although nothing had even  happened, I was already afraid of what D would do.  What had I done?   I had spoken to a Man.

P.., was however, the first man I had encountered in my life so far on a seemingly  friendly level.

I went to sleep thinking of the days event, but naive me didn’t think anymore about it.  The next day, I went to work as normal, and tried to forget about the friendly man I had met,  after all it was just a friendly chit chat, wasn’t it?

I went to lunch and the day carried on as normal.

After work that evening , P.. was not in the alley, phew!   I was a little disappointed though. I  carried on walking to the bus stop, but when I reached the bus stop, my heart skipped a beat as there standing at the bus stop was P…

I was secretly glad to see him, he had the same happy face, a huge mop of  beautiful curly hair, he really was a nice guy.  He laughed and said.  “I knew you didn’t want to walk with me”, “are you ashamed of me? He smiled.      P..  had the biggest widest smile.  I recall thinking he was crazy, I mean how could I be ashamed of him?  “Well the bus stop is for everyone” , he said.  We both laughed.

That would be  the  first time,  I thought about other cultures, my new word to research was “Barbados” it was time to start walking with  my head in the clouds instead of below.

Someone had noticed me…






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  1. maeiiri says:

    Awwww 🙂


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