Are you a good person?



I was sitting here and something said to post this.

I know my posts are getting emotionally  heavy  for me now, so I needed to take a break and  remind myself how  lucky I am,I hope you will acknowledge it too. I also need to recollect my thoughts, and look at the reasons behind such open thoughts. I decided to offer these questions.

Firstly when you see a beautiful painting on the street, don’t you admire it.  We know it was painted by a painter, but we cannot see the painter.

It’s the same way we know God exist, because he has given us a beautiful creation.  It’s all around us.  But we cannot see the creator.


Are you a good person?

Have you EVER told a lie?

If yes, what do you call someone who lies?

Have you ever stolen something anytime in your life?

If yes, what do you call someone who steals?

Have you ever looked at someone with lust in your heart?

Matthew 5:28 says, whoever looks at someone with lust, have committed adultery in his heart.

Have you ever called the lords name in vain?

The lord will not hold anyone guiltless, if you misuse of  his name. exodus 20:7


So if you answered truthfully, then by your own admission, you are a liar, a thief , a blasphemer, and an adulterer that’s just four of the Ten Commandments.

Sin is not just doing the things we should, it’s also NOT doing the things we should.

Anyone who knows the good he ought to do and doesn’t do it, Sins. James 4:7

Theres more, suppose we could put a device in your brain and record your private thoughts. For a week. And then play them on a movie screen for your friends to see. That would be embarrassing.

God knows the secret of the heart.  Psalms 44:21


Well compare to other people, I am a saint. I hear you say.

True, but the standard is Gods law, not other people’s.

Besides even if you sin just five times a day,  in one year that’s 1.825 sins. If you live to be seventy, you will have broken gods law over 127.000 times.

You will have to answer for every sin on judgement day, when each of us will give an account of himself to God.  Romans 14:12

But won’t God just forgive me?

Try that in court

“your honour I know I keep breaking the law”, but can’t you let that one slide?

Only a corrupt judge would do that. A good judge would say justice demands that you pay for your crimes.

Then how can anyone get to heaven.

God is a holy righteous judge. He hates sin, Jesus warned that God in his wrath will cast all who sin against him into eternal fire where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth, Matthew 13:42

There is only one way

If a sinless person offered to take your punishment then justice would be served you could go free.

God loves all his children, so much he sent his only son Jesus to suffer and die for your sins. Then he came back from the dead.

You can earn eternal life it’s Gods gift to you.

Who humble themselves and come to Jesus, turn to god in repentance and have faith in lord Jesus. Acts 20:21 he will forgive your sins. And give you a new heart. ” if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation.  2 Corinthians 5:17

God bless All.


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One Response to Are you a good person?

  1. T says:

    Powerful and true! Great message and great post! His gift of salvation is open to all we just have to accept the gift.


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