The blood condition, Von Willerbrand disease.



After an almost disastrous court appearance, I went back to work.  I had lost the interest in work but I knew I had to keep going, otherwise I felt I would have a mental breakdown.  One day at work I had a tooth ache, so I booked an appointment to go Dentist.  As a result of the examination, the dentist said I need to have a cap fitted. The appointment was booked for the following week.

My childhood experience at the dentist had created a fear of dentist,  a result of my (previous post), I was naturally apprehensive.  At the appointment the Dentist went to work he fitted a gold cap without my permission and I absolutely hated it. I was unaware until I went to the mirror, he said all young people wanted it.  I begged him to take it out but he said it was not cost-effective.  I was not assertive so it remained.

“How on earth, could someone have a gold teeth”?  I thought.  I didn’t care that everyone had one, I wanted to stay different.  Luckily it wasn’t easily seen, so I changed my smile accordingly, not that I smiled much during those hard times. I went back to work and everything seemed fine.

The next day I went to the hospital canteen, for lunch.  Whilst sitting down I felt like something popped in my mouth. It tasted salty, I then felt my mouth fill with blood, and I grabbed a couple of napkins From off the table.  By the time I could do anything else, I was bleeding.  I got up and tried to get out the canteen, but I felt weak, I recall there was another lady with me called Marie,  pronounced,  mar- reee,  she helped me to chair, by now the blood was like little fountains.

I thought it was the new gold cap that the dentist had fitted.  Although it was bleeding from the space, I was unsure why? Luckily as I was already in the hospital, someone put me on a wheelchair and led me to…..,

“mummy is going to get my baby”, I thought as I passed out.

I woke up surrounded by doctors, I had a drip in my arm, I realized, I had started to feel faint  due to the amount of blood I was loosing and I was taken to accident and emergency.  “Please call my workplace”. I asked.

“Don’t worry about that” they said, “please you don’t understand, I need my job”.

Once they saw how frantic I was, they made the call.  Little did they know, I needed the job to fight for m girls.  That was all I cared about. No! I didn’t love my job, I missed my girls, I need the judge to see I was working. I didn’t have much to be happy about, and now here I was bleeding to death.

I was brought back to reality, when the doctor took the stuffing out my mouth, that was packing my gum, but I had started to bleed again.

I am quite concerned he said, we have given you a clotting factor called factor 8,( factor VIII), ” we suspect you have a bleeding condition but it would need to be checked further” he said.   I stayed for a few hours until the bleeding was under control. I thought it was the dentist fault again. I was unable to go back to work that day.  The next day, my manager was not happy at all.  He told me off for letting down the company that he had to stay behind, Steve my boss was a nasty character.

I was referred to another hospital. University College Hospital in London,  but the appointment clashed with my solicitors appointment and so. I didn’t go. By the next day there was a letter sent to me from a professor Machin,  I cannot forget the letter as it was very stern informing me that I had to attend, and of I did not attend. They would send someone to get me.  Wow!  This is serious.  I was a little concerned, but more so about the letter.  I was being dictated to all my life.  It’s only blood I thought, it’s the dentists fault.

An appointment was booked, and  I attended.  I noticed everyone was in white coats, and there were students, I felt like I was this unique specimen. Due to the type of bleeding, I was asked  all sorts of questions, have I bled before? Has anyone in my family bled before? Well that was easy, “I don’t have any family” I said.  “What about your mother”.

I specifically recalling saying, “she’s dead

They looked at me as if to say you poor thing… Then asked if I knew of a condition called Von Willerbrand disease.  No! No! No!  I had never heard if it. Too many questions, plus I had taken another day off work. I was stressed.

Many blood  tests were done on me.  Then the doctor said he would need to do a little cut to my skin, we call it the Von Willerbrand branding, we both laughed;  this cut to the skin to check my bleeding time.

image  a small cut to the skin was made image  I sat there while the nurse started timing. The tiny cut ,above,  bled for over and hour.

“Interesting,” I thought. But not particularly alarmed.

I was sent home to wait for the test results.

It was confirmed that I had a factor 8 deficiency as well as a deficiency in the formation plug. ( VwF), Von Willerbrand factor.   These factors were important in  coagulation and clotting formation and without them bleeding would not stop.   Interesting, but what now,  D  would still beat me, “what if I died”. From now on I thought, I would step up my game and be an even better common law wife.

But was that even possible?

So just to add to my problems.  I was diagnosed with this condition.


What causes VWD?

VWD is usually caused by a fault in the gene responsible for the production of Von Willebrand factor. This genetic fault can be passed on to a child by one or both of their parents.
There are four different types of VWD. The condition is classified according to the amount and function of the Von Willebrand factor in the blood.
The main types are:
Type 1 – The mildest and most common type. People with type 1 VWD have a reduced level of Von Willebrand factor in their blood. Symptoms might be so mild they never know they have VWD. They don’t usually bleed spontaneously, but can bleed significantly if they have surgery, injure themselves or have a tooth removed.
Type 2 – In this type, which can itself be divided into four further subtypes, the Von Willebrand factor doesn’t work properly. The symptoms of type 2 VWD are often more severe than type 1, but milder than type 3.
Type 3 – People with this rare type have very low levels of Von Willebrand factor in their blood, or none at all. This causes problems similar to haemophilia. Bleeding from the mouth, nose and bowel from an early age is typical, and joint and muscle bleeds can occur after injury.
Pseudo, or platelet type – this is similar to type 2, but instead of the abnormality occurring in the Von Willebrand factor, it occurs in the platelets


Things were now  making sense.

I was type 2 , pseudo type, and similar to type 3,  typical! 

This was why I bled so much, (previous post).  This was also why when I was beaten by Eric  and D, I would bruise so easily.  I had a serious underlying bleeding condition yet, I had endured so much violence. The bleeding was not entirely the dentist fault after all, but my inability to clot.


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