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    Ive just  popped up to say hello. My daughter has given birth to a little girl.  My hands are tied, it’s 1.46am over here and she has just settled to sleep probably for ten minutes as she takes … Continue reading

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Was my ears deceiving me?

I was informed by the prison guard that I had a visitor. I was hoping it wasn’t D…. I was taken down to the visiting room, and told to sit in the room with all the other prisoners who were … Continue reading

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The light in the dark

The solicitors words had delivered a vicious blow to my stomach.  I was wounded. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, why did D allow my children to go there, all of them? “mummy would be so happy.  I must … Continue reading

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The awakening or the rose among thorns

“When was your last period?”  The doctor said. I thought about this question for a minute and I couldn’t remember, my problem was because of my blood condition I had irregular periods. “I cannot remember.” I said. Then we will do … Continue reading

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Total isolation

STRIP NAKED. looking around,  at that point I saw other naked girls. I would be naked in front all these people.  I felt ashamed and vulnerable.  I felt as if I was being raped yet again.  I hated the idea but … Continue reading

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Her majesty’s pleasure.

  “TAKE HER DOWN”  the case will adjourn for 28 days.  Said the judge. I was actually going to prison for twenty-eight days.  All I could think of was my children and in particular my baby son he was so … Continue reading

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