My mummy stood up in the dock. Confidently….

What religion are you? Said the judge.


I recalled rolling my eyes, as D. nudged me in my side. “What kind of christian was this? I knew I would never become one, after all I learnt over the years they were evil people.

The usher handed her a bible, to take oath.

“This is interesting,” I thought.

Could you tell us the relationship with the children. Said the judge.

” I am their mother” was her reply. MOTHER!

“What does she mean MOTHER”, I thought, the judge had the same idea.

“What do you mean” He said.

“Yes I am their mother, it’s lie she’s telling, “I grow dem”.

The judge looked down from his glasses and then he looked at her then he looked at me. I wondered what he was thinking.

Then her solicitor asked her questions, on how she cared for the children. She replied, that she had “written everything down in her book, every nappy, every food item and she will be charging me for every penny”.

I recall thinking, “on your dead body will you get a penny from me”, Naturally her solicitor tried to paint her in the best light. She answered her questions fairly well. She explained again that I had abandon the children, how’s she had to leave her job how she suffered with them, through rain storm and snow. “Boo hoo”, I thought. I had so much hate and resentment, but still that pity was still there, I actually felt sorry for her. She actually wanted my children to call her mummy. That was a bitter pill to swallow.

It was finally my solicitors turn to cross-examine.

Jill went for kill. It’s like she couldn’t wait, it’s like they were her own children.

She asked her “Mrs B..when did you give birth to the children?

“Objection” shouted her solicitor.

“Objection denied,”said the judge.

“Please answer the question. . I never push them out she said. But they are mine”.

“What is your eldest daughters birthday?


Jill then told her my daughter’s birthday was actually 13 October 1978

“It’s a lie she telling” mummy replied. I saw the judge shake his head.

Jill asked again, is it true that this was an act of revenge? Your daughter believes that it was.

By now my mummy was becoming frustrated. I was wondering what was taking her so long.

She shouted. “She cannot look after the children, the children tell me that mummy don’t like us, and “when they go to the house mummy will not let them play with any toys granny” . Then she started to demonstrate, how D was acting. “go away, go away don’t touch the children’s things” and then she continued. ” D would push them like this and like that. Demonstrating by using both hands to shove someone away. It was certainly a spectacular display in court that day.

She continued demonstrating how I was supposed to be acting with the children in my house also how D was treating them. Jill just stood there, for what seemed to be ten minutes, then she turned and smiled at me. I didn’t understand why then, as I was too stressed at that time.

Mummy was making a fool of her self as she continued getting excited in the courts, Jill laid in to her again.

“Were you in your daughter’s house at the time? Jill said

“No, the children they tell me they tell me”,

“They say I don’t like mummy’s house granny”.

Jill replied why do they call you granny, shouldn’t they be calling you mummy? I suggest that you have mistaken your role, you are their grandmother that is all. These young children should be with their mother, would you not agree?.

Mummy, said “No, she’s not getting them”.

“Do you hate your daughter, Mrs B?

“She’s not my daughter,” mummy didn’t answer the question, I was hoping she would at least answer, but she didn’t.

Jill went on…”I find it hard to believe that you are demonstrating what the children said, as you are talking like you directly saw these incidents take place”

“No the children tell me” She shouted.

Mrs……B. I will not have outburst in the courtroom. said the judge.

Jill had got mummy right where she wanted. Then Jill said

“I believe you are a liar”, are you not a practicing christian?”

objection , the solicitor said.

objection overruled, said the judge.

“Who you calling a liar, they are my children and I won’t stop till I get them,” mummy was angry.

She repeated. “D don’t like the children, he don’t want her and her children”, “They must stay with me” At the point the judge said sarcastically, “They look like a loving couple to me” “No she shouted, he only care about his own children”. I would say naturally D, loved his daughter, but he did care for my girls. She continued to criticise my lifestyle. While everyone listened in silence, by this time D, was trying hard not to laugh.

Mummy continue, it got worse….she did the most strangest thing in court that day, she started play acting, how D was supposedly running after the children, she ran on the spot, inside the dock.  Small enclosure. She  then she pointed in the air, she grabbed a make-believe belt, to demonstrate how we were beating the children. “You mustn’t touch the bike, you mustn’t” This was all demonstrated. I smiled to myself for the first time. Mummy was demonstrating her lies. The judge was not amused.

He said..

Mrs B. You are demonstrating to me that you was present in the house at the time your allegation was made. “No, me say de pickney dem tell me a wha happen” (Jamaica patois). The judge shook his head and said to Jill, no more questions, we are going around in circle. Mummy in her desperation to steal my children, had put on the performance of her life.

In a strange sort of way I felt sorry for her. I was also very sad, this was never what I wanted.

It was time for me to be called but mummy continued talking loudly, until the usher helped her out the stand. My mummy had shown her true colors in a court of law. This is mainly what I recall although there were much more that was said, that day.

After Jill had tied her up in knots , she read the court papers, she read the welfare report. She told the judge I was penalized because of my age and inexperience of the court system, that I was just a pawn in the grandmothers game, that my children should never have been taken. How, I had suffered unnecessarily, she then said, your honour, do you want such young children to remain with such a hostile woman? That it was illegal as I was not an original party to the proceedings. It was brought to court incorrectly.

mummy’s solicitor had nothing to say when asked.

It was now time for me to be called.

I waited. D, squeezed my hand.

BUT…. I could not believe what happened next….

And neither will you!

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2 Responses to Exposed

  1. T says:

    I think you did not have to be called and he just gave you your children? I do feel bad for your Mummy but also so glad that she showed her true colors. I will be looking forward to the next post!


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