My heart was beating ever so fast, it was almost causing my shirt to move in front of me…

The  judge got up to speak…..And I waited for him to say….”.I call the mother to the stand”.

He smiled… “I think I have heard enough today”…

“The display that has been shown in court today, indicate what the defendant had endured.  I will not be calling the defendant to the stand because she has remained constant throughout the proceedings.  Her story has never changed and therefore in  my opinion…”

The judge then  spoke in a matter of fact way, as he said …

Hmmm, the defendant left her children with her grandmother and well she just wants them back simple “.  I  therefore, without any doubt, rule that the children should return home to their  mother, with immediate effect.  He then muttered under his breath…”complete waste of taxpayers money. He was looking straight at mummy when he said it as if to say.

“You don’t get to make the decisions, I do.”

Well I nearly passed out. I couldn’t believe it…..

I was happy but ungrateful ,as humans we sometimes are.    I tried to say, your honour I never left my children, but the words were held back as Jill quieted me.  The judge had summed up that I had left my children, but I didn’t.  He misread that part, or didn’t bother to carry on reading.  I was so desperate for him to change that, my stomach felt uneasy.  It wasn’t true.

“Thank you”, your honour.

MUMMY said nothing, and we all left the court.

Outside court all inhibitions, were lost and there was  a clear display of affection for Jill. I hugged her, I kissed her, I hollowed into her neck. “Thank you, Thank you Thank you Jill.  I will never forget your kindness as long as I live.  

“It’s my job” Jill said.

I then asked her when I could get the children?

“Right now if you want”. She said

The idea had me excited, D, gave me a hug  at that moment mummy came out the courtroom.

she didn’t seem upset, but I tried to avoid making eye contact.

MIND- THE -GAP, MIND -THE -GAP!  Mummy said slowly.

It was kind of spooky, but I tried to ignore her , she was still trying to play with my mind. I had also heard the loudspeaker at the train station say mind the gap. (Previous post)  The only difference was those words meant different things to both of us.

I gave Jill another hug, and me and D, ran straight to the station.  I knew exactly where I was going.

The school…..When I arrived to my destination I ran up the stairs and through the double doors, there was another mother coming out of the school.  Excuse me, said the reception but like typical movie style, I went into the classroom, my eldest girl was seated, in a light blue jacket, with a white rim, she had on a grey skirt.  She had the biggest beaming half-smile.  That was my favourite thing about her.  We are going home.

“what class is your sister in”, I asked.

we both went into the classroom, I was oblivious to what was going on. By now the teachers and headmistress had gathered in their little group.

Someone shouted.  “Call the police”, but I didn’t care.  Once my little girl saw me and her sister she came to me.  The three of us walked briskly out the school to meet D, that moment was one of my best feelings at that point in my life.

That day, I took my children shopping, nothing was taken from mummy.  The following day I went to the school that my other daughter was in, and asked if my two girls could join the school. Spaces where available.  To say my youngest daughter was happy, was an understatement. My son was ten months old when my girls came home…


I felt relieved….


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2 Responses to Reunited

  1. Mrs E says:

    Big smiles for you..a long painful journey but joy surely came this day..


  2. T says:

    Yes! Oh this is awesome.! Finally happy news 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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