The hairdresser

Many people cross your path through good times and bad times, and sometimes they cross your path to bring good times and bad times.

Introducing the hairdresser.


It was late one afternoon when my beighbour asked me to attend a barbecue with her the coming Saturday.  She wanted me to meet her male Friend, he was a hairdresser and she spoke very highly of him. I wondered how in the few years that I had known her she never mentioned him, but she did say he had moved about 15miles a way, and although they had lost contact, he seemed very dear to her. This return to the area had made her even more happy and only five miles from where we were living.

I guess no harm could come from me attending a barbecue.  So I agreed to go.

She said. I could bring D and the children, well I really didn’t want to bring him but what harm could that do, after all it was just another man..after all…

The week went by quickly, and Saturday came, so I prepared the children and we went , my youngest daughter was four years old when we met the hairdresser. Anyway we arrived to a small three bedroom property, the first thing I noticed as we arrived was it was well kept, in fact it was immaculate like something out of a showroom. The door was open when we arrived as if to proudly welcome prying eyes and as I looked at the marble tiles and the walnut fitted kitchen, I was impressed. It was a far cry from my home with my children and I knew this man could never come to my house.

I smiled to myself.


If you remember  I was uncomfortable around men for obvious reasons, I was also seen as the good christian woman.  Oh yes mother had taught me well.  I was still border lining on a sophisticated black woman or an old fashioned christian woman, although the latter made me feel uncomfortable.  If you can recall I had tried very hard to change my so called christian image, and I did not want to be associated with my old fashion christian mother.  However my upbringing was already cemented in my mind body  and soul.  To some extent though, I did like the way others viewed me at times as long as they took out the christian title.

Anyway on arrival I noticed, there was another man there too, but I thought he must be related or a friend.. strange but the barbecue didn’t have that many people but I wasn’t really  bothered.  My neighbour with her rambunctious laugh made the house come alive.   The hairdressers  and my neighbour had a beautiful relationship, and I learnt that they were once neighbors before they both moved homes and were in and out of each other’s houses. They had already known each other over eight years.

The hairdresser was in fact one of the nicest guys I had met.   On first impression I liked him very much and wanted him to accept me as a friend too.  He was extremely funny and kept us totally entertained throughout.  He loved music and nice things.  His funny wisecracks had us in stitches and surprisingly D liked him too.

The hairdresser was the typical tall dark and handsome guy, I really really liked him, but not as a mate, I was just glad he was a friend. I remember looking at my neighbor like…wow, he’s a looker… She laughed the little private laugh we always did…as if to say… “You are married”.  The hairdersser was a taller dead ringer to The actor Eddy Murphy.  I was told he was often mistaken for him too.


Eventually my neighbour asked him  if she could show me around.  He agreed proudly.  As we approached the bathroom I noticed the towels stacked in a row, neatly colour coded, I noticed the aftershave bottles over fifty also neatly in a row, not to mention the amount of denim jeans and trousers folded neatly also in a row.  I recalled D probably had three, he was not a man of appearance.  It felt as if I was in a department store, everything was elaborate.   This man was extremely clean I thought as my feet got lost in the shag pile carpet under my feet.  I think I had seen enough I said to my neighbour.  She looked at me as if she read my thoughts. We both laughed.

my thoughts were simply wow..

“I know”. she said…


The evening went well, and the hairdresser decided to do my neighbours hairstyle after we ate.  but later I recall D was quiet and looked miserable as usual, I guess I was laughing too much and not with him.  It was clear it was an atmosphere where he didn’t fit into, he looked uncomfortable and now so was I.    I wanted to laugh, I wanted to join in the jokes my neighbor and the hairdresser was having. But Ds face told me I couldn’t. Oh yes, I needed to maintain the good little wife demeanor and my composure. But we made the best of the situation and the children all had fun, playing.

The hairdresser completed my neighbors hairstyle and it was amazing what was more amazing was that he was male and naive me never knew men could do hairdressing well not at that time. Also what appealed to me more was the fact he was a single parent to a little girl that was eight years at the time. Same age as my third daughter… You could tell she was the apple of his eye..  She was extremely spoilt and had everything she could ask for, my neighbour also said as much as she loved the hairdresser Friend  she just could not like the daughter.  At the time I didn’t understand why…..especially as she liked all children.

Well, I was impressed and I must say I like the lifestyle he was living, it was a far cry from where I lived with the constant toys and children’s clothes, the laundry duties and doing food shopping and wife duties, I definitely started thinking about my own life, this was a palace in comparison, this seemed like a completely different world to  how I was living.  I specifically recalled that the hairdersser had wine glasses in different colours.  There were different type according to what you was drinking.  At the time I did not realise that different drinks had different glasses.  So I had learnt something that evening.  I loved the way they sparkled when he poured my neighbour a glass of wine, I also liked the way they took little sips with their meal.

I had no idea about wines and I knew I would never drink any as alcohol never appealed to me.  D had made sure if that.  However, this was different to what I was use to at home,  D drank out the beer can, D was an alcoholic,  the hairdresser just made wine and simple glasses seem very appealing.





My neighbour and the hairdresser well they spoke about various wine bars they went to, and I wanted to be a part of that world.  I wanted to get dressed and drink from a wine glass with my dinner too.  But knew that was in the distant future.

It was an amazing evening, I got to see how other people outside my circle lived and I liked it.

I enjoyed the barbecues, the jokes the evening and the children enjoyed theirs too, and as I walked out the door I also knew that he would now become my permanent hairdresser. After all I had seen what he could do, I had seen how he transformed my neighbour into a swan.

My neighbor was hilarious she walked in the room as if on a catwalk, did a little dance and flicked her hair, she continued this walking through the room and back, swinging her hips elaborately with her hand on her hips.  We all laughed including D.  If you recall my neighbour was not any slim thing, and she Definately didn’t fit the supermodel image.  But I loved her. She was a loud character.

Yes, I liked the hairdresser…he made me laugh. Those laughs that your belly goes into spasm, and strangely enough. Everyone who knew him would like him too.  But….

He was a man….

This character has been introduced for significant reasons…
Reasons that not even I would have dreamed of good or bad read on to find out,,,  this barbecue set the precedence and took my life down a different path entirely…

At this barbecue., Not only food was served

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3 Responses to The hairdresser

  1. Andy Oldham says:

    I agree with Mrs. E! How dare you leave us hanging like this, haha!

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  2. Mrs E says:

    Hello!!!!! You can’t be serious, next post please, you can’t leave me hanging here like this.

    Liked by 1 person

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