where there is life we can still continue



WOW!! It’s been a very long time since I came on here and a lot has been happening.   I have inherited two more grandchildren with another four on the way..I feel blessed.

I have also added several more chapters to my blog, and this time for the first time it’s positive..Despite major setbacks I can say I finally have a real relationship with God. .Yes!  I have joined the many people in this world that are christians, and who others think are crazy..I never thought I would say this. but God is real.

I now have a real purpose, I understand a lot more and I see how by following bible teachings and listening to the holy spirit how things change.  I am glad I got the chance and that God perserved me for a time like this.  many have died before me never knowing who God is.

So I am back after a long period, to continue this journey..as  I am doing this for me to remove all Shame and for mental freedom for me it doesnt matter how long I take as long as I do this.

so everyone is welcome to read my story as my chains are finally broken.. I hear them falling..Amen.

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3 Responses to where there is life we can still continue

  1. Persia says:

    Welcome back. 💖


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