I was born in Jamaica, in a small parish situated in St Thomas. Called Morant Bay, (MAP) , right by the sea, which you could see from our window.

My Mother left me in Jamaica when I was born to make a life in the UK, so I grew up with my Father, Grandmother, brothers and sisters.

I arrived in the UK  when I was almost seven years old.  This event took me away from all I knew into a life of pain.  Nevertheless, my life is never dull.

I love reading and writing of course and most of all I love being around my family.

As the saying goes life begins at 40, really………?!!!  For me………. Life started at 7.

Dear Readers,

I hope you don’t find my site too distressing, I am writing to try and release some of the tension I have held onto for many years. I am not a writer, not a graduate in English.  I am simply writing.

The breaking point In my life  although suppressed for so long, came to a climax august 2012.
This is my story, please do not add any negative comments, they will be deleted, I cannot afford to digest anymore pain. I have held onto a lot of negativity in my life. I am writing this really to release ME from my mental torture.
I am also writing so that others can read my story and find strength. Although giving up was an option for me, it was never a choice. Something or someone always stopped me. Read on and see how…

No holds barred, a honest approach as much as I can remember.